So now what?

Yes, I had agreed to begin a job (which turned into my career) about which I knew absolutely nothing. I had no experience with middle school age kids. All I knew was that I loved teaching people things-especially Spanish and French- and I was a professional. So, that Monday, I put on my pretty gray Dress Barn suit and headed down the road to my first day on the job. As I was driving down the main road behind a school bus, I looked up and was being MOONED by a male student at the back of the bus! I was completely incensed! I had been working with adults for two years and this made no sense to me. How dare he!! LOL. Looking back, it’s absolutely hilarious, but OH, I was not laughing.

I entered the building to find the principal in his office an immediately conveyed my dismay with him over this annoying incident. He offered his regrets and we moved on to take a tour of the building and learn where my classroom would be. As we wandered down the hall, I noticed how little the kids were- thank goodness as I am vertically challenged myself!

Honestly, I don’t remember too much more about that day 32 years ago.  It was April 1, April Fool’s Day. That right there is coincidental, don’t you think? But I remember the excitement that I would be in charge finally and no one could tell me what to do….foreshadowing. The previous teacher had left with no warning (hmmm, do you see a pattern here?) and left the kids in a complete tizzy. She had apparently been upset and disillusioned with her job for awhile as I later learned. All the kids had As for just showing up to class. This was a sign (that I didn’t initially recognize) of things to come…..

What do you think I was walking in to? Can you predict some challenges that I was facing? Why did no one tell me? What would you do if you met me in your school?

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I started teaching in 1987 lateral entry. I left the business world and began doing what I always wanted to do: Teach languages. I have a beautiful family with three children and two step children, an amazing daughter-in-law, 3 adorable step-grands, and LOVE LIFE. I retired for 18 months and returned to teaching full-time in 2019. I hope that teachers everywhere benefit from my stories and help me help you by holding you up, supporting you, laughing with you, and reminding you that we ALL are in this together.

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